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SDNews - 28th May 2015
Airbus Defence and Space delivers Sentinel-1B radar with an accuracy of a few millimeters for Europe´s Copernicus Radar Satellite Mission

SDNews - 28th May 2015
Boeing Awarded First Commercial Human Spaceflight Mission

SDNews - 28th May 2015
NASA Begins Testing Mars Lander in Preparation for Next Mission to Red Planet

SDNews - 27th May 2015
Commercial Crew Milestones Met; Partners on Track for Missions in 2017

SDNews - 27th May 2015
DirecTV-15 and SKY México-1 satellites are orbited by Ariane 5

SDNews - 27th May 2015
Kratos Awarded Satellite Ground System Contracts to Support Thaicom 8 Satellite

SDNews - 20th May 2015
NASA Soil Moisture Mission Begins Science Operations

SDNews - 13th May 2015
International Space Station Partners Adjust Spacecraft Schedule

SDNews - 13th May 2015
Elbit Systems delivers Venus Space Camera to French Space Agency

SDNews - 12th May 2015
Earth Observation and crisis management for natural disasters:

SDNews - 11th May 2015
NASA Unveils Latest Technology Roadmaps for Future Agency Needs

SES - 7th May 2015
SES, Samsung and UK broadcaster demonstrate world’s first DVB broadcast of high dynamic range Ultra HD (UHD) TV

SDNews - 7th May 2015
NASA Test Materials to Fly on Air Force Space Plane

SES - 6th May 2015
SES is showcasing the first commercially manufactured Ku-band flat antenna with integrated IP-LNB at its annual Industry Days.

SDNews - 4th May 2015
First GPS III Space Vehicle Prepares for Testing in Simulated Harsh Space Environments

SDNews - 28th April 2015
Arabsat and KACST Award Lockheed Martin Contract to Provide Satellite Systems to Strengthen TV, Internet, Telephone Communication

SDNews - 28th April 2015
NASA Brings in Small Business for Further Development of Hypervelocity Vehicles

SDNews - 28th April 2015
TurkmenAlem52E/MonacoSAT telecom satellite in orbit

SDNews - 27th April 2015
Airbus Defence and Space selected by CNES to build MERLIN - the first Franco-German Earth observation satellite

SDNews - 27th April 2015
New General Dynamics SGSS test and integration lab provides a realistic, ground-control operations environment to speed SGSS system design and implementation.

SDNews - 27th April 2015
NASA Awards Grants for Research, Technology Development

SDNews - 26th April 2015
An Ariane 5 has lifted off from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana and delivered two telecom satellites into their planned orbits.

SES - 17th April 2015
Global satellite solutions provider SES Government Solutions (SES GS) announced it has been awarded a 1-year task order with four 1-year option periods to provide 288 MHz of Ku-band satellite capacity to support forces deployed to the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of operation.

SDNews - 17th April 2015
Thales Alenia Space reaches major milestone in KTSAT satellite programs

SDNews - 16th April 2015
After extraordinary science findings and technological innovations, a NASA spacecraft launched in 2004 to study Mercury will impact the planet’s surface, most likely on April 30, after it runs out of propellant.

SDNews - 16th April 2015
NASA, USGS Begin Work on Landsat 9 to Continue Land Imaging Legacy

SDNews - 15th April 2015
NASA Selects American Small Business and Research Institution Projects for Further Development

SES - 15th April 2015
Six leading satellite operators and manufacturers announced today the formation of the SAT>IP Alliance, formalising a coalition that was initiated last year to develop compatible hardware and software for the SAT>IP technology.

SES - 13th April 2015
SES announced it has partnered with broadcast and television technology innovators to create a full end-to-end Ultra HD transmission system and deliver three days of live and linear Ultra HD broadcasts to a cable system at the 2015 NAB Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

SDNews - 13th April 2015
UTC Aerospace Systems celebrates the 25th anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope's launch and its continued successful operation

SES - 13th April 2015
Global satellite solutions provider SES Government Solutions (SES GS) announced today that it has been awarded a five-year contract by the University of Colorado to host a NASA funded payload on board SES-14.

SDNews - 9th April 2015
NASA Selects Proposals for Ultra-Lightweight Materials for Journey to Mars and Beyond

SES - 1st April 2015
SES today announced that BBC Global News Ltd has signed a long-term agreement to broadcast its international news channel free-to-air in High Definition (HD) on ASTRA at 19.2 degrees East.

SDNews - 1st April 2015
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission Passes Critical Milestone

SDNews - 31st March 2015
NASA Announces New Partnerships with U.S. Industry for Key Deep-Space Capabilities

SDNews - 24th March 2015
NASA Awards Contract for NOAA’s Joint Polar Satellite System-2 Spacecraft

SDNews - 23rd March 2015
Final payload integration process begins for this week's Arianespace Soyuz launch from the Spaceport with two Galileo spacecraft

SDNews - 23rd March 2015
NASA Announces Teams for 2015 Human Exploration Rover Challenge

SES - 17th March 2015
GLOBAL EAGLE ENTERTAINMENT and ses sign MAJOR capacity deals on three HTS satellites AS PART of global in-flight connectivity pact

SDNews - 16th March 2015
Airbus Defence and Space doubled Maritime VSAT sales following strategic partnership signed with Intelsat

SDNews - 16th March 2015
Lockheed Martin Solution For NASA's Commercial Resupply Services Designed For Reliable Space Cargo Delivery

SES - 16th March 2015
SES and Airbus Defence And Space Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Launch New Offers to Enterprise Markets

SES - 16th March 2015
SES Conducts Second Successful O3b Satellite Demonstration for the U.S. Government

SDNews - 13th March 2015
Airbus Defence and Space ready to deliver Solar Orbiter Structural and Thermal Model for mechanical testing

SDNews - 13th March 2015
New NASA Mission to Study Ocean Color, Airborne Particles and Clouds

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