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SDNews - 10th January 2017
SES Selects Monics® Enterprise From Kratos to Expand Satellite Fleet RF Monitoring Capabilities

SDNews - 26th November 2015
The two ExoMars spacecraft of the 2016 mission are being prepared for shipping to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan ahead of their launch in March.

SDNews - 26th November 2015
Developers invited to join the new ‘space race’ at Inmarsat’s 2016 Conference

SDNews - 25th November 2015
NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Receives First Mirror Installation

SDNews - 24th November 2015
Telstar 12 VANTAGE satellite built by Airbus Defence and Space set for launch 24 November

SDNews - 19th November 2015
Thales Alenia Space announced today that it has signed a contract with BTRC, (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) to build the telecommunications satellite, Bangabandhu, winning the contract against an international field of competitors.

SDNews - 12th November 2015
Airbus Defence and Space enable PETSE to expand VSAT services in Saudi Arabia

SDNews - 11th November 2015
Arabsat 6B telecommunication satellite has been successfully launched by Arianespace form Kourou, in French Guyana, with an Ariane 5 rocket

SDNews - 11th November 2015
Thales Alenia Space to build Bangabandhu telecommunication satellite for Bangladesh

SDNews - 9th November 2015
Four Months after Pluto Flyby, NASA’s New Horizons Yields Wealth of Discovery

SDNews - 9th November 2015
Arianespace has delivered another Ariane 5 to the launch zone at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana, positioning this workhorse vehicle for liftoff tomorrow with a pair of telecommunications satellites: Arabsat-6B (BADR-7) and GSAT-15.

SDNews - 3rd November 2015
EUTELSAT Steps Up African Broadband Plans With New-Generation High Throughput Satellite Ordered From Thales Alenia Space

SDNews - 30th October 2015
UKube-1, the UK Space Agency's first national spacecraft, has now completed its nominal mission following over 14 months of operations.

SDNews - 30th October 2015
Eutelsat steps up African broadband plans with new-generation High Throughput Satellite ordered from Thales Alenia Space

SES - 29th October 2015
ESOA: Satellite Operators sign Crisis Connectivity Charter

SDNews - 27th October 2015
Boeing Satellite to Expand Mobile Communications Services in Asia

SDNews - 20th October 2015
EUKOR choose Inmarsat and Intellian to enable high-speed connectivity across its fleet

SDNews - 16th October 2015
Airbus Defence and Space ships communications satellite Telstar 12 VANTAGE to launch site

SDNews - 1st October 2015
Thales Alenia Space's Poseidon-3C radar altimeter chosen for SWOT oceanography satellite

SDNews - 11th September 2015
Soyuz' launch success with Galileo satellites maintains a record mission pace for Arianespace in 2015

SES - 10th September 2015
SES has announced that TV Entertainment Reality Network (TERN) has a new channel will be exclusively available via satellite in Europe on ASTRA at 19.2 degrees East.

SDNews - 10th September 2015
Boeing: World’s First All-Electric Propulsion Satellite Begins Operations

SDNews - 9th September 2015
ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen remotely operated a rover and its robotic arm whilst orbiting 400 km up aboard the International Space Station.

SDNews - 9th September 2015
First Pieces of NASA’s Orion for Next Mission Come Together at Michoud

SDNews - 3rd September 2015
NASA Soil Moisture Radar Ends Operations, Mission Science Continues

SDNews - 2nd September 2015
Thales Alenia Space signs new phase of COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation contract to continue program

SDNews - 1st September 2015
Inmarsat confirms successful launch of the third Global Xpress (GX) satellite

SDNews - 28th August 2015
Kratos Receives $49 Million Contract Award to Support U.S. Government Satellite Communications

SDNews - 27th August 2015
Rosoboronexport will launch the Spanish PAZ satellite

SDNews - 1st August 2015
Thales Alenia Space Poseidon-4 altimeter chosen by Airbus Defense and Space for Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 mission

SDNews - 24th July 2015
Thales Alenia Space-built MSG-4 weather satellite in orbit

SDNews - 13th July 2015
Belgium’s role in the European next-generation satellite test and control software

SDNews - 7th July 2015
From Satellite Swarms to Interstellar Submarines, NASA Selects Leading-Edge Technology Concepts for Continued Study

SDNews - 6th July 2015
NASA awards Raytheon $240 million contract for earth science data system

SDNews - 6th July 2015
Kratos has announced that PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, (TELKOM) has selected Kratos’ satID® geolocation system as part of a contract with Kratos ISI to upgrade TELKOM’s Master Control Station (MCS).

SDNews - 15th June 2015
UTC Aerospace Systems' innovative design approach brings benefits to commercial space customers

SDNews - 15th June 2015
Airbus Defence and Space Selected to Partner in Production of OneWeb Satellite Constellation

SDNews - 9th June 2015
NASA Releases Detailed Global Climate Change Projections

SDNews - 9th June 2015
Inmarsat appoints Globecomm as Value Added Reseller for Maritime Global Xpress Services

SDNews - 8th June 2015
Airbus Defence and Space provides Skynet military satellite communication to Norwegian MoD

SDNews - 4th June 2015
Thales Alenia Space Belgium, a partner in the ExoMars 2018 program

SES - 4th June 2015
SES and SES Techcom Services today announced that its innovative eHealth platform SATMED has been deployed to improve childbirth healthcare at the Maternité Hospital in Ahozonnoude, Benin.

SDNews - 4th June 2015
NASA’s Hubble Finds Pluto’s Moons Tumbling in Absolute Chaos

SDNews - 28th May 2015
Airbus Defence and Space delivers Sentinel-1B radar with an accuracy of a few millimeters for Europe´s Copernicus Radar Satellite Mission

SDNews - 28th May 2015
Boeing Awarded First Commercial Human Spaceflight Mission

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