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SDNews - 29th July 2014
Boeing Resells Inmarsat-5 Satellite Bandwidth to U.S. Government

SDNews - 28th July 2014
ViaSat Inc. has expanded its high-speed satellite data communication technology base with the acquisition of a high-rate modem product line and custom spacecraft technologies for earth observation from Gray Labs Inc.

SDNews - 28th July 2014
Ariane 5 arrives at the launch zone for its July 29 mission with ATV Georges Lemaître

SDNews - 28th July 2014
ORS-1 Satellite Enters Fourth Year on Orbit

SES - 24th July 2014
SES in cooperation with service provider Computer Warehouse Group, announced the launch of a new digital TV platform for West Africa on SES’s ASTRA 2F satellite at 28.2 degrees East.

SDNews - 23rd July 2014
Lockheed Martin Selected for U.S. Air Force's Satellite Hosted Payload Initiative

SES - 23rd July 2014
Global satellite solutions provider SES Government Solutions (SES GS) is one of fourteen awardees granted a share of a contract worth in total a maximum of $494,900,000 under the Hosted Payload Solutions (HoPS) Program.

SDNews - 22nd July 2014
Thales Alenia Space to build Telkom-3S satellite for Indonesia

SES - 19th July 2014
SES and Airbus Defence and Space announced today that SES has selected Airbus Defence and Space to build a new hybrid communications satellite, SES-12, to serve the fast growing DTH, Data, Mobility and Government markets in Asia.

SDNews - 17th July 2014
The European Space Agency (ESA) and Arianespace announced today that they have signed a launch contract for the second radar satellite in the Sentinel-1 mission, Sentinel-1B, part of Copernicus, a joint European Union and European Space Agency (ESA) environmental monitoring program.

SDNews - 9th July 2014
Boeing to Build Intelsat 35e EpicNG Satellite

SES - 8th July 2014
Entering the Zettabyte Era: Satellite Operators Make the Case For Smart Future Networks

SDNews - 7th July 2014
RUAG Space announced today that it has won a major payload fairing contract from Arianespace. Signed today in Zurich by Stéphane Israël, Chairman and CEO of Arianespace, and Holger Wentscher, Senior Vice President RUAG Space Switzerland, the contract covers the provision of Ariane 5 payload fairings through 2019, and is worth more than 100 million Swiss francs.

SDNews - 25th June 2014
General Dynamics-built radio telescope antennas give scientists a microscopic view of the universe that is thousands of light years away.

SES - 20th June 2014
SES to deliver multi-stream sports and music events via ASTRA 28.2 degrees east

SDNews - 6th June 2014
Lockheed Martin wins $914 million contract for Space Fence Radar

SDNews - 3rd June 2014
Tests completed for Airbus Defence and Space’s SpacePlane demonstrator in South China Sea

SES - 2nd June 2014
SES ASTRA 5B Satellite goes live at 31.5 degrees east

SES - 28th May 2014
SES showcases satellite technology at Africa e-learning conference in Uganda

SES - 28th May 2014
SES Partners for E-medicine platform SATMED

SDNews - 27th May 2014
Snecma and Thales Alenia Space to team up on electric propulsion for satellites

SDNews - 27th May 2014
Airbus Defence and Space joins European “Beacon” project on lighter and more capable photonic telecoms satellite payloads

SDNews - 27th May 2014
Sea Launch Successfully Launches the EUTELSAT 3B Spacecraft

SES - 26th May 2014
SES adds capacity to serve CETel in Africa

SDNews - 22nd May 2014
Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services (LMCLS) will launch the WorldView-3 commercial remote sensing spacecraft, placing it into orbit on August 13 for DigitalGlobe.

SDNews - 21st May 2014
Airbus Defence and Space on target for the launch of EUTELSAT 3B

SDNews - 21st May 2014
Space qualification testing of next-generation Fibre-Optic Inertial Reference Unit nears completion

SDNews - 21st May 2014
Airbus Defence and Space partners with BAE Systems on radar satellite imagery

SDNews - 21st May 2014
Boeing and Samsung to Evaluate Mobile Technology for New Spacecraft

SDNews - 20th May 2014
Airbus Defence and Space and ESA sign first contractual documents for new generation of meteorological satellites

SDNews - 20th May 2014
Thuraya and ViaSat Form M2M Partnership

SES - 19th May 2014
SES First to offer O3b’s Medium Earth Orbit offerings on GSA Schedule

SES - 19th May 2014
SES First to offer O3b’s Medium Earth Orbit offerings on GSA Schedule

SDNews - 25th April 2014
Kazakhstan’s first Earth observation satellite to be launched at the end of April

SDNews - 25th April 2014
Airbus Defence and Space to build Peru’s first Earth observation satellite system with the support of the French government

SDNews - 16th April 2014
NASA Signs Agreement with SpaceX for Use of Historic Launch Pad

SDNews - 11th April 2014
OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Mission Passes Important Design Review

SDNews - 8th April 2014
Sentinel-1A satellite has unfolded its antenna after successful launch

SDNews - 4th April 2014
Arianespace once again delivered on its primary mission to support Europe with guaranteed and autonomous access to space, successfully orbiting the Sentinel-1A Earth observation satellite on a medium-lift Soyuz flight from the Spaceport in French Guiana.

SDNews - 3rd April 2014
Thales Alenia Space-built Sentinel-1A, the first satellite in Europe's Copernicus program, successfully launched

SDNews - 1st April 2014
The European Space Agency's Sentinel-1A satellite, designed and built by Thales Alenia Space, is ready to be launched from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana, using a Soyuz-Fregat A launcher.

SDNews - 28th March 2014
Airbus Defence and Space signs ESA contract for high-precision Earth observation instrument

SDNews - 26th March 2014
NASA Solicits New Collaborative Partnerships with Commercial Space Industry

SDNews - 25th March 2014
Boeing on Schedule to Deliver World’s 1st All-Electric Satellites

SDNews - 22nd March 2014
Airbus Defence and Space: 59th successful launch for Ariane 5 in a row

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