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Sapienza Consulting
2012-10-04 07:45:22

Sapienza participates in the Ariane Golf Trophy 2012

As one of the major sponsors of the tournament, Sapienza recently participated in the 22nd Ariane Golf Trophy 2012, held at the Purmerend Golf Resort on a magnificent 45-holes golf course in the Netherlands. The tournament lasted two days, on the 13&14 September.

The Ariane Golf Trophy is an international competition for teams from companies and organisations involved in the development of the Ariane programme. It is organised on a yearly basis by The ESTEC Golf Club. This year’s participating companies and organisations included Arianespace, Astrium, CNES, Credit Agricole, EADS, ESTEC, Herakles, RUAG Space, Serco, Snecma, Volvo, among others.

The team of Sapienza was formed by:
- Ross Irvine
- Mike Bearman
- Paul Woodgate
- Gijs Tan

The winning team, Astrium, was announced during the Gala Dinner on the last day of the tournament. The Sapienza Team played well and finished the tournament in the middle of the ranking. Ross Irvine, one of the players of the Sapienza Team said: “I guess we just need to be happy we weren’t last!”

For more information contact:
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